22 x 16/16 x 22” [Interchangeable – can be hung either portrait or landscape] oil on canvas


The title is self-explanatory, although the images, perhaps, are not.  Firstly, I have used the same sterile looking background as ‘In This Together’.  The social bubbles from ‘Who’s In Your Bubble?’ have also made a reappearance, this time they are empty.  The snakes under the arc of the rainbow symbolise evil, deception and death.

As news stories continue to be accentuated with a daily death count many were starting to research other alternatives to lockdown – herd immunity being one.

The rainbow of butterflies asks the viewer to remain hopeful, whilst also drawing our attention to the fallen – the herd continue to stay together, united in a burst of rainbow colours, as broken wings glide down towards the snakes.  These broken butterflies could also be symbolic of the many suffering poor mental and physical health as a result of the lockdowns.  In this painting, we are faced with the hard question: do we stay ‘in this together’ and allow some to break their wings and fall, or is there another way?