16 x 20” oil on canvas


After hearing and reading ‘in this together’ repeated on so many different media outlets, I wanted to interpret it in a painting. It had become almost a chant all over the world, so I felt that it didn’t need much of an explanation.  Instead, I decided to play with the concept and raise questions: who exactly are we in this together with?  Is it the cats that are together and the owner is isolated and shielding? 

At first glance, the viewer may presume that they are covid viruses outside, but upon closer inspection they are all different and unique.  They represent the many viruses (coronavirus and others) and bacteria that we live with and our immune systems battle every day.  In this painting I have shown a stark contrast between the sterile, white interior and the vibrant colourful exterior.  Are the cats longing to be outside, with the lively viruses?  With life?  Notice also that I have signed my name in multicolours…a hint at where I’d rather be!