20 x 20” oil on canvas

[currently at Off the Wall Gallery, Cardiff] £450

This is the painting that started my Lockdown Collection.  I wanted to express my feelings about being in lockdown and shielding due to my illness.  I had only recently had my autoimmune disease diagnosed (Ulcerative Colitis) and had already been unable to leave my home for months due to the symptoms.

There is a lot of symbolism in this painting.  The robin (being the universal symbol of the afterlife) was especially poignant for me, as a friend had recently passed away and I was not allowed to attend the funeral.  The robin is depicted trying to fly away, but is chained to an unravelling colon.  This signifies the feelings of restriction due to the illness and also the lockdown.

There are repeated images of the colon in the background, to signify my continued awareness of my condition.

The paint is applied with a dripping technique and the criss-cross pattern is reminiscent of a bird’s gilded cage.  The foliage and the rose hint at a typical English garden, as that is where many were spending their lockdown time in the first few months.  The yellow of the rose is symbolic of friendship as it is friends and family that are supporting many during these difficult times.