16 x 22” oil on canvas


This painting is questioning how statistics and the law have been manipulated during the lockdowns from all sources and how we are all judged by our actions in such difficult, confusing times.

I have used a grid pattern to mimic graph paper and bars and lines to show the peaks and dips of statistical graphs – these are not measured or accurate, to show unreliable information that can be misinterpreted.

The central figure is ‘lady justice’.  I have portrayed her without her usual blindfold, instead she wears a mask and displays her blindness proudly.  She has the number 61 on her chest, referencing article 61 of the Magna Carta, which many are turning to as a solution to corruption in the Government. 

In one hand she holds a mobile phone, to signify that all the information we need to research is right at our fingertips.  In the other she holds a traditional set of scales.  On these scales she is weighing a human heart against the weight of a feather.  This is illustrating the ancient Egyptian ceremony of the afterlife - the feather represents truth and justice. 

How heavy is your heart – do you stand up for your convictions?