30 x 20” oil on canvas   


The idea for MSM began after I heard stories about ‘pizzagate’: a suspected paedophile ring that spans the globe and includes the elite and even royalty, using underground
chambers and tunnels to store and transport the children, who are ordered under the guise of pizza delivery.  The stories also speak of children being groomed from an early
age through popular TV programmes and Disney films.  I was fascinated by this urban legend and wanted to capture the darkness and horror.  At the same time, many
stressed parents were trying to home-school their children and using the TV to distract and keep them occupied outside of ‘school hours’, whilst trying to continue working
from home during lockdown.  I wanted to reference these troubled times for families and the importance of keeping younger generations safe from harm.  Therefore, the
painting is both disturbing and mesmerising.  The ‘medusa’ central image on the TV screen does not have the typical snakes in her hair, although there are faint, hidden, blue
snake symbols in the background; but she does have the piercing, hypnotic, reptilian eyes, which have turned her young viewers to stone. The background is purposely dark
and foreboding, with a connective pattern to ask the viewer to connect the dots.  Can you also see the reference to pizzagate?