16 x 22” oil on canvas


This is a very playful, somewhat whimsical nod towards terminology used throughout the lockdowns, particularly in the UK.  Whilst many are chanting “in this together” and clapping for the NHS on a Thursday, sceptics are referring to these people as ‘sheep’ and suggesting that they are going along with the flock without researching or prioritising informed consent. In these difficult times, many are voicing a desire to ‘live off the grid’ and disconnect themselves from a failing society.

In this painting I show a flock of sheep evaporating and joining the universe as stars.  They are becoming enlightened by what the black sheep is telling them.  Although the sheep at the front are looking particularly docile and passive, they remain stubbornly in place.

What do you think the black sheep is saying?  It asks the viewer: are your ideas fixed, influenced by others, or open to change?