24 x 36” oil on canvas


This began as a reaction to reports that travellers were stranded and separated from their families and home countries at the start of the first lockdown.  However, once I started painting, it took on more meaning.  I wanted it show both sensitivity and strength through tough times and also convey the feeling that the world had stopped and was frozen in time.  The man depicted is waiting in the snowy silence and looking far out into the distance, as if held in limbo as he awaits the next lockdown instruction.  The snowflakes are a reference to the description of ‘millennials’ – an overused derogatory term to suggest that this generation are overly sensitive, entitled and weak. Instead, I wanted to show the beauty and calm presence of the snowflakes, as a sign of unity and connection to nature, with a healthy awareness of mental health.  The man stands tall and firm on a shrunken world, in mindful consciousness of his situation and the rain and snow around him.  The aeroplane routes shown in the sky hint at travel restrictions, but also the hopes and dreams of the man.  Perhaps the routes are also memories of previous travels, wishes of a return to normality and his traveller lifestyle, or even secret flights that we are not privy to.  As we are unable to plan ahead, this painting asks the viewer to stay in touch with our emotions, mind our mental health and weather the storm.