12 x 16” oil and hand sanitiser on canvas


This painting is quietly referencing the ‘social bubbles’ that were introduced early on in the lockdown guidelines.  It asks the viewer to think about the importance of friendship and also loneliness and isolation created by these bubbles.  Is the woman on her own content with her solitude, as she wears her mask and reads her book; or would she rather be engaging in conversation with the young couple?  Who are the young couple and should they be together?  Perhaps they are family, or from the same household.  Does it matter and will we continue to make assumptions about people in this way, now that ‘social bubbles’ are the norm?

I have painted the figures to look unfinished and ‘sketched’, as if only taking a snapshot of their lives, as we can never truly know who they are.  This also creates a contrast between the people (and their situation) and the lush green surroundings – highlighting the theme of separation and the surreal existence we are now all living.