Art In Lockdown

After a period of illness left me unable to leave the house and then the lockdown, I have started creating a series of new work. 

The paintings illustrate how the lockdown has affected us all. They delve into personal feelings about my illness, shielding and various interpretations on what is happening in the world. 

I paint whatever comes to mind about a particular aspect of the lockdown and social, political and medical issues surrounding the pandemic.  

My work is intuitive as I paint from my imagination to start. There is always a meaning to the work though, a theme or a cause to raise awareness. To make this meaning clearer, I use photographs to get a detailed portrayal of a person, animal or scene. 

I like to play with the viewers’ perception of what is really going on in the painting.  I give the painting a seemingly self-explanatory title, but will hide clues in the painting of an alternative meaning.  Similarly, I will add bright, vibrant colours to an otherwise bleak representation or leave large areas uncoloured or neutral to isolate that area from the rest of the image.